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Mythical Creatures: Love?


Okay so here goes part 2 where the best part happend.

I've been avoiding him for the past few days. I replied his messages late and yeah I don't want him to keep contacting me as usual. I do that because I don't like him but he said that he likes me. Well obviously I don't believe that because we barely known each other. We never seen each other and we never ever had a conversation before this and all the sudden he said to me that he likes me. Do you think I would believe that? Hell no man. Nobody fall in love in just a glance. We need to get to know each other first and let the time decided next. I don't want a serious relationship because I am afraid if something happen and it will turn not as what I wanted to. 

Ever since he got my number and my "wechat id" he kept contacting me. Sometimes I felt okay with it but sometimes I felt it's kinda not okay. He kept saying that he likes me all the times. It really annoyed me at first. Because who the hell would believe that? But...... theres something about him that makes me fall for him. I set a limit, I would give him the answer in 4 months from that day he express his feelings towards me. But the thing is I lost guys, I freakin lossstt on my own rule. The effort that he shows me is really something ✨

The one thing I liked about him is he knows how to talk to the elderly. Any guy that can join in my family is something to me. That is how he captured my heart. He is talkative guys. I swear to you, everyday with him either he will tell me a story of his past, his life, his friends or I will tell him my past, my life and my friends. There are so much things to talk about. It will never gets old. I really loves him so much. I promise that I will cherish his life with my cuteness and I will be there for him no matter what happen. I wanna grow old with him. I don't want anybody else in this world. He is my everything 🙆🏻💕 Thank you abang 😘

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